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At Ritzy Russells we breed quality smooth, rough, and broken coat shortie, puddin or pocket jacks! We don't focus our breeding program on "this line and that line" near as much as we focus on the temperament and compatibility of our breeding stock. Although our lines go back to Short Stop, Russellville and other great foundation lines, we are here to create our own "great lines." All of our dogs are registered NKC and EJRTCA and measure between 8-10 inches and all puppies come with NKC papers as that is our registry of choice.

All of our shorties are very eye appealing with great dispositions! We focus on great temperaments, heavy folded ears with conformation that meets and exceeds registry standards. We keep dogs with perfect attributes and stellar personalities to guarantee GREAT puppies!

We don't make claims we don't keep, can't keep, or won't keep! We portray our puppies the way we see them and will do what ever you need us to do to pick that perfect hunting companion! This just being our hobby, as we all have full time jobs, makes it where you can feel a sense of security knowing we aren't trying to sell you a puppy just to make ends meet! We are honestly trying to place great puppies in great homes!

All that have purchased shorties from us are satisfied and have spread the word on our behalf. We offer you a first class puppy at a working mans price range. We pride ourselves in being affordable and making dreams come true!

Ritzy is more than a name... "It's a way of life!"

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